Veronika Rolle-Green

Veronika Rolle-Green is of German origin, grew up in a European environment and spent her school and university years in various European and Asian countries. Married to an American she now lives in Toulouse, France and Munich, Germany.

She formerly worked in Taiwan as an assistant to the Director of a logistics company, where she handled all communication with the West and untangled many commercial relations. There she began to see the real need for guidance in the intercultural area. After returning to Europe following two years of living and working in China she was once again confronted with the impact of cultural collision.

Ms Rolle is fluent in German, English and Chinese. She has a Master's degree in Chinese Studies and also holds several special qualifications in interpersonal communication (Dialogue Facilitator), individual (MBTI) and social psychology (DAGG).

Over the last decade her areas of interventions for European Multinationals have revolved around the importance of dialogue. She offers assistance to individuals and groups to work effectively across cultural and/or organizational borders. One special interest focus is still on China and European-Asian cooperation, supporting those from the west wanting to understand the east and vice versa.



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