All our training, coaching, facilitation and process consulting interventions are conducted in the English language. Their focus is on global and cross-border communication effectiveness.

Based on a sound pedagogical foundation, these training programs still are designed with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. The adult learner brings considerable skills and experiences into the training situation. By building upon these foundations through role plays, case studies, realistic team tasks, group discussions and individual reflection the learner advances according to her/his own needs, motivation and abilities. Where appropriate, activities are videotaped and individual feedback is given as the learner watches the training performance. Videotape and other multimedia programs are widely used to add intensity, variety and realism to the programs.

The one to five day seminar or workshop format is commonly used for business skills training. But it is not the only structure employed. For highly specialized needs, especially when senior management is involved, one-on-one or small group coaching offers an intensive experience focused on the precise requirements of the learner.

Actual teams, especially ones which are culturally diverse, can often benefit from a process consulting intervention. The trainer establishes an environment where the actual work of the team can be done and interspersed with evaluation sessions. Participants analyze how to optimize their processes and receive objective feedback from the consultant.

External facilitation or moderation is a technique used more and more frequently by self-confident leaders who seek the chance to provide a culturally and politically neutral environment for their team meetings while affording the opportunity for themselves as leaders to participate fully and in total freedom from the demands of logistically "running" the meeting.

We are pleased to offer this range of methodology to our clients.